Year of Culture 2: Return of Year of Culture...

1. Der Hahn ist Tot by Ingrid Noll*
2. Ihr allerletzter Atemzug by Robert Dugoni*
3. The Stand by Stephen King
4. Denn am Sabbat sollst du ruhen by Batya Gur
5. Der Löwe, das lamm, der Gejagte by Andrew E. Kaufman
6. Wiehremer Winter: oder die apokalyptischen Abenteuer des Adam Beer by Konstantin Josuttis
7. Ihr allerletzter Atemzug (Tracy-Crosswhite-Serie 2) by Robert Dugoni
8. Sauerland by Georg Guillemin
8. Was sie nicht tötet by Simon Wood
9. Mooresschwärze by Catherine Shepherd
10. Jedermanntod by Manfred Bauman
11. Harry Potter und der Halbblutprinz J.K. Rowling
12. Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes by J.K. Rowling
13. Deep Water by Patricia Highsmith
14. Sturmwind über Aupresmont by Nora Berger
15. Under the Dome by Stephen King
16. Die Abrechnung des Kinderfängers by Simon Wood
17. The Children of Men by P.D. James
18. Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler
19. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.
20. Slade House by David Mitchell
21. Tausend strahlende Sonnen by Khaled Hosseini
22. Die Abnormen by Marcus Sakey
23. Children of Men by P.D. James (again)
24. American Gods by Neil Gaiman
25. Eine Bessere Welt by Markus Sakey
26. Mit Feuer geschrieben by Markus Sakey
27. Das Mädchen by Stephen King
27. Es War Einmal Aleppo by Jennifer Bankau
28. Phönix Tochter: Die Hoffnung war mein Weg by Isabelle Müller
29. Solarian. Tage des Aufbruchs by Thariot
30. Solarian -  Tag der Asche by Thariot
31. SOlarian - Tag der Stille by Thariot
32. Parable of the Sower (again)
33. The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer
34. Kuckucksland - Marco Mahler
35. Alles, was wir waren by Kerry Lonsdale
36. The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson
37. Stiller Beobachter by B. C. Schiller
38. Die Stimme der Toten by Danielle Girard
39. Emmas Rückkehr by Steena Holmes
40. Ende der Welt by Thomas Pyczak
41. The Twenty-Seventh City by Jonathan Franzen
42. The Practice House by Laura McNeal
43. IT by Stephen King
44. Der Stille Skandal by Susanne Schwarz
45. A Criminal Defense by Myers
46. Strangers on a Train by Patricia Highsmith
47. Pischmisch Tavuk: Der Zwischenfall Dobrowsky by Yasemin Schreiber Pekin
48. Sommers Tod by Marcus Hünnebeck
49. Der Anschlag by Stephen King
50. The Gray House by Mariam Petrosyan
51. Hamlet II: Ophelia's Revenge by David Bergantino
52. The Potter's House by Rosie Thomas
53. Rüdelfänger by Martin Hünnebeck
54. Urlaub für Anfänger by Maria Resco
55. Das Zeichen der Schwalbe by Helen Bryan
56. Engelsschlaf by Catherine Shepherd
57. Aus den Trümmern by Emily Bleeker
58. Desert Flowers by Paul Pen
59. Die honigsüßen Hände by Marion Johanning
60. Garten der Schmetterlinge by Dot Hutchinson
61.  The Light of the Fireflies by Paul Pen
62. Lavendelstürme by Margot S. Baumann
63. Wie sehr willst du leben? by Andrew Holland
64. Outbreak - Hinter den Linien: Endzeit-Thriller by Luke Duffy
65. Die Rosenschwestern by Victoria Connelly
66. Das Haus der Schwestern by Charlotte Link

1. Arrival *
2. Rogue One +
3. Der Herr der Ringe: die Gefährten -
4. Vaiana +
5. Sharknado - genug gesagt! *
6. Pulse - Du bist tot bevor du stirbst +
7. Mzis qalaqi - City of the Sun -
8. Sherlock Holmes -
9. The Matrix *
10. Logan: The Wolverine -
11. Der Herr der Ringe: Die zwei Türme -
12. Trainspotting -
12. Moonlight -
13. Trainspotting 2 -
14. Alien +
15. Europa Report +
16. Hidden Figures +
17. Tigergirl +
18. Inside Out +
19. Alien: Covenant +
20. Wonder Woman +
21. Der Herr der Ringe: Die Rückkehr des Königs -
22. How to Train Your Dragon *
23. Over The Hedge -
24. Brave +
25. How To Train Your Dragon 2 -
26. Mad Max +
27. The Martian +
28. Moon -
28. Dunkirk -
29. The Fifth Element -
30. Königreich für ein Lama *
31. Human Traffic +
32. The Rocky Horror Picture Show +
33. Tallulah +
34. Atomic Blonde +
35. Hunt for the Wilderpeople +
36. Blade Runner -
37. Blade Runner 2049 +
38. The Good Dinosaur +
39. George of the Jungle +
40. The Huntsman & The Ice Queen +
41. Zombieland +
42. Interstellar +
43. The Muppet Christmas Carol *
44. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs /

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i'm pretty sure my curry is doing okay because i'm just sitting here and suddenly i wanted a naan bread. so at least my subconscious thinks it's going to taste okay even though I used 0 recipe. apparently meryl streep talked down donald t at the golden globes last night, who can blame her tbh. i just checked on the curry it seems to be MEGA watery oh man. trying to get something done my second translating thing before it's finsihed (will it ever finish?) praying i get to fall asleep tonight it has been a week of tossing and turning since i came back to germany. at last the crisis seems to be over, even if it is temporary. need to work on a study plan for exam. went to this mad old teahouse on sunday where they had strange old portraits, chandeliers and 4 different kinds of hot chocolate. didn't tip because i am a cheap loser/.

also why does it take so long to peel/cut butternut squash am i doing it wrong or are all my knifes just rubbish?

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13.28 on december 27th sitting at table in my dressing gown and pyjamas apparently we are drinking sherry with lunch. shortly i will be rooting through recycling bins because i ran out of wrapping paper. 

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Update it's 13.15 I'm still in bed I gave up on the episode halfway through because Harry Kim's love life is on my list of top 10 most boring things but i did find a hilarious x-men blog, so i should probably start revising for the C2 larks on monday.

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So it's 11.15 am on Saturday morning and I'm in bed eating peanut butter and banana on toast and drinking coffee and watching an episode of Voyager when arguably I could be revising for my German exam on Monday BUT I watch Voyager in German so I assume that's alright.

thoughts and co

So on Thursday night after the Winter's Tale, I got a message from my mum saying that my grat-aunt had died suddenly. WHile she was in her early 80s, she wasn't ill, and it's been really difficult, so I thought I'd put some thoughts and memories together, in case i forget them otherwise.

My great aunt, Elizabeth, lived in Cambridge pretty much as along as I remember. She had a flat overlooking the river, and liked looking at the boats going past, and hated being late for everything. A lot of shit happened in her life; her brother (my mum's dad) died in 1968, she left her first husband, her second husband died of a brain tumour, and her son died in a car crash when he was only eight years old. And despite all of this, what always struck me so much was  how much she enjoyed life - and not only that, btut how interested she was in life. She was always curious about everything, and always interested in whatever stupid shit I was into as a teenager. She found texting fascinating, the 'goth' service her local church ran, listened to my thoughts about the Mighty Boosh, about the nature of love, ebaut exactly why The Vulcan Academy Murders was such a good novel. Read all of the stories I sent her, and thought they were good. When I was five years old I dressed up for a birthday party as a witch, with a green face and a witches hat, and she let me chase her all over my grandma's house, and I really believed I was scary.

When I was eleven I stayed wiht ehr and my grandmotehr in a flat in Aldeburgh, even though only twelve year olds were allowed, and I said "some people would say there is no such thing as a working class any more", in my pre-teen conception of what a classless society was .I drank bitter lemon and we all watched an episode of Brother Cadfael, 'The Virgin in the Ice', and every time we left the flat she would say "Once more into the breach, dear friends". She once gave me a teapot with tiny statues of mice on it, because I said I thought it was pretty. We talked about historical novels. She wrote a lot of stories, and sent me some of them. she worked in a library, and later she got a PHD. She was obsessed with news of the royal family. She was called "Mary" for the first two years of her life, until her grandotehr decided "Elizabeth" was more appropriate. She once had to translate "aeroplane" into Latin for a university exam. When I was a teenager, I would go and stay at her house on the weekends, and we woudl stay up late talking about things. She always made me feel like an adult who had something interesting to say. She laughed a lot, and was interested in history. She was amazed by skype when my mum showed it to her last year. She started singing in a choir again recently, and once she described her style to me as "pensioner grunge".

When she came to visit us I would go and sit in her hotel room and drink insant coffee and tell her about everythign i could think of. When I was at university I used to visit her a lot, and when my mum had an affair and left my dad for another man,  the next time I stayed at her house I said all the things I couldn't say to anyone else. The last time I saw her was after Rosie's wedding in August 2014, and the last time I spoke to her was on her birthday last December, when she told me how much she hated having a birthday so close to Christmas because during the war it always meant one present was enough for both ocassions, and that she was looking forward to reading a book about Bletchley Park that my grandmother had given her.

I shall miss her a lot.

2016: Year of culture?


  1. Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel

  2. Star Trek: The Next Generation | Kalte Berechnung - Buch 1: Die Beständigkeit der Erinnerung by David Mack

  3. Das Grab meiner Schwester by Robert Dugoni

  4. Die Apothekerin by Ingrid Noll

  5. Richard III by William Shakespeare

  6. Nicht ihre Schuld by Noah Fitz

  7. Carol by Patricia Highsmith

  8. Der fünfte Ritter by E.M. Powell

  9. Via Triumphalis: In der Verbannung by Santiago Campillo-Lundbeck

  10. The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures by Mike Ashley

  11. Star Trek: The Next Generation | Kalte Berechnung - Buch 1: Lautlose Waffen by David Mack

  12. Die Betrogene by Charlotte Link

  13. Der Vorleser by Bernhard Schlink

  14. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

  15. Das Parfum - Die Geschichte eines Mörders by Patrick Süskind

  16. Die letzte Spur by Charlotte Link

  17. Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo by Christiana F.

  18. Second Hand Planet. Internationale Science Fiction Erzählungen by Wolfgang Jeschke

  19. Wo die toten Kinder leben: Der erste Fall für Steinbach und Wagner by Roxann Hill

  20. Die unbeugsame Händlerstochter by Ellin Carsta

  21. Auserwählt by Silke Novak

  22. Der goldene Handschuh by Heinz Strunk

  23. Lauf, Sophie by May B. Aweley

  24. Exit Music by Ian Rankin

  25. Die heimlische Heilerin by Ellin Carsta

  26. Seelenblind by Catherine Shepherd

  27. Der Löwe und die Rose by Riccardo Bruni

  28. Der Tod und andere Höhepunkte meines Lebens by Sebastian Niedlich

  29. Ich bleibe hier by Catherine Ryan Hyde

  30. Octo Sapiens - Die Begegnung by Robert Lauerbach

  31. Blumen von Mars by Gabriele Nolte

  32. Auf der Liste by J.A. Konrath

  33. Seelenlos: Splitterglanz by Juliane Maibach

  34. Blumen vom Mars 2: Unter Göttern by Gabriele Nolte

  35. Als ich dich fand by Catherine Ryan Hyde

  36. Immer wieder Ich by Neal Pollack

  37. Die Landgeherin by Hans Haid

  38. The Lonely Londoners by Sam Selvon

  39. Im Namen der Sultanin by Linda Lafferty

  40. Ich in gelb by  Olga Flor

  41. Freie Hand by Rainer Wieczorek

  42. Alle wollen Tequila by J.A. Konrath

  43. Paradox: Am Abgrund der Ewigkeit by Phillip P. Peterson

  44. Das Mädchen, das den Himmel berührte by Lucia Di Fulvio

  45. Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen by J.K. Rowling

  46. Harry Potter und die Kammer des Schreckens by J.K. Rowling

  47. Harry Potter und der Gefangene von Askaban by J.K. Rowling

  48. Harry Potter und der Feuerkelch by J.K. Rowling

  49. Herr Lehmann by Sven Regener

  50. Es wird keine Helden geben by Anna Seidl

  51. Welche Farbe hat die Wahrheit by Lindsay Ashford

  52. Der Weg Heim by Sejal Badani

  53. Die Augenblicke des Herrn Faustini by Wolfgang Hermann

  54. Harry Potter und der Orden des Phönix by J.K. Rowling

  55. I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith

  56. Der Mann an der Reling by Barbara Brandt

  57. Bridget Jones' Diary by Helen Fielding

  58. Death Is Now My Neighbour by Colin Dexter

  59. Earthly Joys by Philippa Gregory

  60. Die Täuschung by Charlotte Link


  1. The Men Who Stare at Goats

  2. Carol

  3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  4. Richard III

  5. The Winter's Tale (Broadcast)

  6. La Grande Belezza

  7. Advantageous

  8. Zulu

  9. Robot and Frank

  10. Kriegerin

  11. Spotlight

  12. Blue Jasmine

  13. Captain America: Winter Soldier

  14. Captain America: Civil War

  15. The First Avenger: Civil War

  16. X-Men: Apocalypse

  17. Coriolanus (Broadcast)

  18. Million Dollar Baby

  19. The Butterfly Effect

  20. Snowpiercer

  21. B Movie: Lust and Sound in West Berlin

  22. The Lobster

  23. Oh Boy

  24. Star Trek: Beyond

  25. Ghostbusters

  26. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

  27. Ghostbusters (again)

  28. Tschick

  29. The Lion King

  30. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

  31. Richard III (Hollow Crown)

  32. Freaky Friday

  33. The Nightmare Before Christmas

  34. The United Kingdom

  35. Richard III (again)

  36. The Muppet Christmas Carol

  37. The Sound of Music

Theatre/Live Music

  • Sex and Crime im Reim. Deutsche Balladen

  • Hamlet, Berliner Ensemble

  • Mark B

  • Ezra Furman and the Boyfriends

  • Trümmer

  • The John Wilson Orchestra

  • Less than Jake

Art exhibitions/art galleries/museums

  • SuperQueeroes - Unsere LGBTI*-Comic-Held_innen

  • Die Gemäldegallery

  • Story of Berlin Museum

  • Wroclaw City Museum

  • Speicherstadt Muesum, Hamburg

  • International Maritime Museum, Hamburg

  • Story of Berlin Muesum (again)

  • Crystal Palace Museum

  • The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

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Drunk a mug of wine (don't brag)

Went to David Bowie's old house in the Hauptstrasse today.

Left some flowers. Ann left her lightening bolt earring, which I thought was really nice.

Apparently Jo has rally bad jet lag (I'm not surprised) and kept dreaming about trying to fly away from murderers last night.

Today I learnt more about Hamlet's publication history than is normal.

Regardless: the main point stands. Be yourself and let the cards fall.

I think we are slowly entering the arena of time for bed

Live in fear of leaving a Herdplatte an.

von Troste rede niemand

Verzweiflung: (German)

Verzweiflung [n]: the feeling that everything is wrong and nothing will turn out well...

ja ganz genau. Nach den vier WG-Besichtigungen letztes Wochenende hab ich nur eine "Nein, danke" Nachricht bekommen. Egal ob es 'nein' oder 'ja' ist, wäre es nicht etwas höflicher mir Bescheid zu sagen?? Besonders weil ich zur ersten Besichtigung ein paar Bier mitgebracht habe.

Mit dem Mitbewohner wird es immer mehr unerträglicher und in 10 Tagen werde ich ohne irgendein zuHause sein. Das letztes Mal, dass ich zuHause wohlgefühlt habe - ich kann mich daran nicht erinnern.

Was auch Scheisse ist, ist dass ich mir letzte Wochenende vorgestellt habe, dass ich das alles mit dem Zimmer/mit der WG am Montag/Dienstag fertig (oder auf jeden Fall sicher) hätte und dann hätte ich vielleicht einen billigen Flug nach England finden können und meine Familie sehen und auch Freunde, da Toms Band ein Konzert in meiner Heimatstadt am Samstag 21. geben wird.

Was für ein Scheisstag